The quality of your business card reflects the quality of your business.  All Print’em Business Cards are thick, luxurious and tactile.  With soft Velvet Lamination options, or raised Scodix or Metal prints, Print’em Business Cards are so good that you won’t want to give them away! 

Print’em Business Cards offer:

  • Luxurious soft velvet laminate options
  • Thick, 450GSM Stock
  • Options for
    • Scodix Print
    • Raised Gold Print
    • Raised Metalic Silver Print
    • Raised Holographic Print
  • High quality printing
  • Free Delivery 

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General Design and Printing Tips
  • Text and non-bleed images should always be kept at least 3mm from the trim line.
  • Thin borders on 2 sided artwork are not recommended due to 1 – 2mm movement in the printing and finishing process. It is difficult to produce an even border on 2 sides for this reason.
  • Don’t forget the 3mm bleed
  • Work at 300dpi for best image reproduction

Folding & Scoring

  • To minimise cracking on folded jobs, we recommend scoring the fold lines.
Rich Blacks
  • We strongly recommend you use CMYK Rich Black on large areas of black to ensure a nice solid result. A good mixture for CMYK Rich Black on;
  • Heavier stock weights use 60 / 50 / 50 / 100
  • Lighter stock weights use 30 / 0 / 0 / 100

Content Tips

  • Keep it simple.  
  • Ensure you maintain a minimum size for your typography to maintain legibility
  • Design in CMYK unless you’re working exclusively with spot colours
  • Check twice, print once!  Check your spelling and design.  There’s nothing worse than getting your cards back and discovering a typo in the email address . . .
  • Make sure it’s legible.  Try not to go under 7-point font.
  • Consider a call to action
Artwork Setup
  • Please ensure you supply your artwork to us with front and back combined into a single PDF file.

2 Sided Business Cards

  • Page 1 will print as Front
  • Page 2 will print as Back

Multiple Card Orders eg. Different Names

  • All card variations require separate a PDF for each kind (not all in one PDF).

SCODIX and METALIC Business Cards

  • When ordering Scodix or Metalic, we require a 3 Page PDF.
  • Page 1 will be the Business Card side which requiring the Scodix or Metalic to be applied.
  • Page 2 will be the Reverse side of the Card.
  • Page 3 should be Scodix or Metalic (as a spot colour marked Scodix or Metalic).
SCODIX and METALIC – Design for the Best Results
  • Scodix and Metalic look best when you follow some basic design fundamentals where often LESS can be MORE when adding Scodix or Metalic to your design. There are a few rules to follow to achieve the best result when applying Scodix or Metalic.
SCODIX and METALIC – Trim Areas
  • Scodix and Metalic cannot bleed outside of trim area. (Please leave 3mm from the edge of the Scodix or Metalic application to the product trim area)

SCODIX – Score Lines

Scodix and Metaliccannot be applied over the score/fold areas. Please leave 3mm from the SCODIX application to the product score/fold area.

Supplying Final Artwork

When supplying final artwork, Scodix and Metalic work should be supplied as a single PDF, including all other pages, with a 100% Spot Colour named ‘Scodix’ or ‘Metalic’.

Things to Avoid

For the best effects, avoid applying Scodix or Metalic to thin lines, small text or finely detailed artwork.

How to Setup Your Files

  • Open your artwork in Indesign
  • Create a new layer for the SCODIX or METALIC separation
  • Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them to the new SCODIX or METALIC layer
  • Create a new colour swatch and name it ‘Scodix’ or ‘Metalic’
  • Select colour type “Spot Colour”, and convert all SCODIX or METALIC elements to this spot colour
  • SCODIX or METALIC elements are all set to 100% Opacity
  • Export all pages and the SCODIX or METALIC layer as a single PDF with all trim marks.

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