How to choose the best photograph for your personalised keepsake

When choosing your photographs, please keep in mind that the better quality photos supplied used, the better your photo product will look.

GOOD LIGHTING AND CONTRAST: Light is what gives the appearance of depth and dimension in a photo, it focuses attention where you want it to go, (and away from areas you don’t want it to go). It makes the eyes sparkle with life, and it makes the photo “pop off the page”. Poor lighting can result in things like the eyes being in dark shadows (raccoon eyes), overhead light hitting the nose (clown nose) and even making the overall colour, contrast, and look of the image appear flat and “muddy”. A photo with good contrast has a good distinction between lights and darks.

Good Contrast

Over Exposed

Good Contrast

Over Exposed

PHOTO COLOURS: Brighter photos with lighter colours will look better on your photo products than photos with a lot of black.

Bright colours look great!

Dull colours look flat.


LARGE SUBJECT MATTER: The subject in your photograph should take up roughly 50% of the image. Photo’s with a lot of different subjects may not be as crisp as a photo with one subject.

Large subject matter, great for all products

Small details may be lost on Photo Rugs


FOCUS: Choose a photo that is crisp and sharp. A good way to see if your photo is in focus is to open it up to cover the full size of your screen (iPad, Tablet, Laptop of Desktop), and if it looks crisp, it should be good for printing. The largest photo size in our products is up to A3 (which is the same as 2 x A4 paper), so looking at it on your phone will not help you see if it is correctly focused.


Out of focus


SIZE: All of our products require a different image size or pixel dimension. Once you have uploaded your photo, you will be able to crop your photo to suit your product. Generally, images at least 2000 pixels wide work best

How to take a great photograph

Use an appropriate camera: Any photo will work. We prefer a 5×7 photo. For digital photographs, please make sure that they were taken by a 2 mega pixel or better camera.

Choose your scene wisely: Simple and uncluttered backgrounds work best. Consider the colour of your background to ensure it complements the colour of your custom photo product

Focus on subject: Try to frame your subject in the middle of the photo. Be careful that your subject is not lost amongst other items in your photo. You want your subject to take about 50% of your photograph where possible.

Watch out for shadows: Shadows over the face of our subject may make it hard to see their important features. Try to use natural light where possible