The system includes:

  • 1 x high quality printed outdoor banner with left / right pocket poles and top and bottom folds.
  • 1 set of banner arms that hold the banner to your marquee.


  • Choice of banner sizes
  • High quality, outdoor banner (440GSM) printed with your design
  • Suits most gazebos with square leg support (including OzTrail Marquees) 
  • Portable and easy to install, just clip to your marquee leg supports and tighten
  • Compatible with all Marquees with square leg supports up to 3.4cm wide / deep  (including Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo, Deluxe Corporate Gazebo, Deluxe Mega Gazebo and Deluxe Pavilion.  Not compatible with Oztrail Ultramax Aluminium Gazebo or any Gazibo that does not have square leg supports
  • Printing included!

Option 1 - Free Design

Send us your ideas and let us put together a banner design for you for free. Just contact us via form below and we will call you to discuss your design. 
Note: maximum 2 free designs per banner

Option 2 - Send us your design

If you have your own design, just send us a high quality PDF file. Please refer to the FAQ below for artwork requirements.

The following sizes are available.  If you require a size not shown below, please contact us for a quote.  All prices include  2  Marquee Banner System Arms (used to connect the banner to your marquee) and 1 high quality outdoor printed banner (with folded edges and pole pockets).

  • 2.4m x 500mm – $165
  • 2.4m x 600mm – $176
  • 3m x 500mm – $187
  • 3m x 600mm – $198 (most popular)
  • 4.5m x 500mm – $231
  • 4.5m x 600mm – $244.20

Postage $33 (Australia wide), or free pick-up from Macleod (Vic) by appointment.

All prices include GST

Document Size
For all banners an additional 180mm should be added to the length, and 40mm should be added to the height.  This is your “bleed area”. Your background, whether its an image or colour must be this size to prevent white borders around your banner.  For example, if ordering a 3m x 600mm banner, the banner size should be 3180mm x 640mm.

Safe Area
Safe zone.  To work out the save zone, minus 100mm from the width and 20mm  from the height of your banner size.  This is the “safe zone”.  We recommend that all text and images be kept within this area (centered on the banner).

File Specifications
No bleed should be added to the banner size outlined in Document Size (above).  Files should be saved with all elements either in CMYK or all elements in RGB (not mixed), at 300 DPI at 100% final print size.  Accepted file types are PDF, EPS , AI, PSD, TIF or or high res JPEG.

Outline All Texts
All texts need to be converted / expanded to outlines to ensure no text drops off during printing.

It is important to know that we can only print images at the quality provided by you.  Images found on the internet are typically at a resolution of 72DPI.  This resolution is much too low for quality printing. In addition, most images on the web are protected by copyright laws. For these reasons, we do not recommend using images from the web.

However there are many stock photography websites such as, www.shutterstock,com,,,, (and lots more) where cost effective images can be purchased at a resolution suitable for printing.

Does the system fit all brands of marquees?

The Print’em Marquee Banner System will work with any marquee with square legs between 3.1 -3.4cm wide.  This includes the Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo, Deluxe Corporate Gazebo, Deluxe Mega Gazebo and Deluxe Pavilion.  It is not compatible with the Oztrail Ultramax Aluminium Gazebo, or any Gazebo / Marquee that does not have square leg supports.

My marquee is longer than the sizes shown.  Will this system work on a bigger marquee?

Yes, the Banner System will connect to any length marquee as described above.  However the banner may sag in the middle on marquees over 4m.  Whilst this will not render the banner unusable, it will impact its final look when installed.

Can I make the banner bigger than 600mm high?

Yes, however you will need to modify the poles to lower the top bolt.  We have successfully installed the Printem Marquee Banner System with a 750mm high banner without experiencing banner sag or problems.


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