Our Inspiration

After many years trying to find a present for our Nana that was more than flowers and chocolates, we decided to make her something that was personal, something that would mean something to her.

So we put the call out to all our family, to provide photo’s of themselves and their family. We then used our dye-sublimation background to create what we thought would be the perfect gift – a personalised photo rug!

At Christmas 2014, we gave the memory blanket to Nana, and her reaction was priceless. Nana studied each and every photo, and absolutely loved it. She appreciated the thought and effort that was put into this special gift. It made her smile!

Sadly, Nana passed away one week later on New Years Day 2015. We are so happy that some of our last memories of Nana include her reaction to this gift. It means the world to us!

What surprised us was that everyone who saw the Personalised Photo Rug were both intrigued and impressed. Her sisters (aged 84 – 90) could not put it down. Our mother (aged 65) wanted us to make her one for her home, and another for her caravan. The rest of our family absolutely loved it. The kids were amazed that their photos were on a rug. It was the perfect gift!

After this experience, Print’em was born. We want others to have the opportunity of giving presents that matter, gifts that are more personal, and that put a smile on peoples face.

With Print’em personalised gifts, some memories will never fade . . . .