Turn your daily commute into an advertising opportunity!

Vehicle branding is a cost effective way to both look professional, and promote your business to hundreds of potential customers each and every day.

Why brand your car?

  • Visability – Regardless if you are working, stopping at a café to grab a coffee, parking at your child’s outdoor sports match, or just day to day driving –  your vehicle will be seen by thousands of people.  Your vehicle will become a mobile billboard, reaching the maximum range of customers prompting them to contact your business for your services.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Vehicle branding is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising you’ll ever pay for.  Compare it to advertising where you pay per click or print, with vehicle advertising – you only pay once and it keeps working for you. 
  • Leads and Free Advertising – having your company’s services advertised on your vehicle is in effect free advertising and great for lead generations. Tradies will often acquire work from people nearby to a job they’re working on through ute signage.
  • Credibility– having a branded vehicle shows you’re proud to have your company shown to the public.  If you turn up to a customer with a sign written vehicle, you are more likely to be trusted by the customer from the start.

We can design, print and install everything from car door and window signage, through to a complete rebrand.

Examples of our work


General Questions

No problems.  We can produce custom signage for your vehicle.  Please contact us to discuss.

Yes, we can print and laminate all types of full colour vehicle signs.

All our signs are printed on premium outdoor vinyl, with lamination to protect them from the elements.  We also offer coloured 7-10 year vinyl for single colour text or images.

We will discuss the best option with you before we produce your signs.

Of course.  If you need help with your design, call us.  We offer very competitive design rates to all our customers.

Self Install Packages

Yes, if you don’t rush them.  All signs are provided in one piece and ready to apply.  We will send you instructions on how to apply the signs, and provide over the phone support if needed.  We also provide professional installation for Melbourne Metro if you prefer us to install them for you?

This sign can be attached with the heavy duty double sided tape supplied with the sign.  Just peel off the backing and stick to your tray.  Take your time to line it up first as this tape is high quality, so it grips straight away.

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of your vehicle signage

  • Keep it simple.  More information only makes it harder to remember.
  • Be Bold. Use big, easy to ready text.
  • For the professional look, ensure your  sign colours and font go with your logo.
  • Install them properly.  Poor quality signs imply a poor quality business.
  • Don’t try to hide vehicle damage with signs, it will only look worse.
  • Hand wash your signs only.  Pressure cleaners are designed to remove, not protect!

Want to be seen on the road?

Contact us today to improve your business image.